What do you value most about your closest friends?

It’s more than the advice they provide you or the doors they open for you. It’s the fact that without a doubt, you know they are always in your corner, right beside you in celebrating life’s treasured moments and persevering through its difficult ones. It’s knowing they’ll fight for you and support you when you need them the most.




In short, nothing…

at least if you’re thinking of the typical ideas and images that come to mind that surround the term “bank.” It’s ironic to say that for 125 years and counting, MutualBank has never defined itself solely as a bank.  Much more than a company that just provides financial services, we are people seeking to help our neighbors live better lives. We’re just using banking as a platform to do so.


So as we celebrate our 125th Anniversary, we’re actually celebrating you.

We’re celebrating life’s cherished moments, milestones, friendships, and the small ways we and others have enriched them along the way. We care just as much about your accomplishments as we do ours. Put differently, we’re celebrating the first portion of our name, not just its last.

And we’re giving $125,000 away in the communities we serve!