Everything we do at MutualBank is to help people live a better life.


It’s been our focus since we opened 125 years ago.  It makes sense then as we celebrate 125 years that we celebrate stories which revolve exactly around this theme- people helping people. Our entire celebration is about collecting, sharing, and appreciating these stories – as well as the communities and people behind them.



With our 125th Anniversary, we’re not only celebrating our heritage – we’re celebrating the people who stand for the same thing we do – helping people live a better life. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or coworker who’s always been there for someone, or a volunteer who tirelessly serves their community, we are highlighting these individuals and how much they are appreciated! Note: Voting for the BetterLife Awards has been completed. Winners will be announced after Oct. 18th!

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We are people simply seeking to help others live a better life. We’re just using banking as a platform to do so. So as we celebrate our 125th Anniversary, we’re celebrating the ways we’ve enriched the lives of our customers, communities, and employees – as well as the memories that surround them. Have we helped you do something like purchase a home, save for your children’s education, or start your own business? Or do you have a positive memory involving service you received or really appreciate a MutualBank employee? Let us know by sharing your MutualMemory story!

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GivingBack Stories

Every employee at MutualBank, MutualWealth, and MutualFinancial received $125 dollars to give to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit of their choice as part of our 125th Anniversary celebration! Each employee also shared their own GivingBack Story, i.e. details about why they chose to give to their organization of choice. See who they chose and read their stories by clicking the button below!

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The Story
of MutualBank

Much has changed throughout the years at MutualBank, but our commitment to our customers and our communities has not. We have a rich heritage filled with passionate and courageous leaders who have so much to do with where we are now.

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125th Anniversary Celebration Impact

The really neat thing about our 125th Anniversary Celebration is that the communities we serve benefit from it! Combining the prizes BetterLife Award winners receive to donate to their favorite charity, as well as our employee GivingBack donations, $125,000 dollars will be given to our communities!