Tom Leaird & Family

By Tom Leaird

From the purchase of our first home, with two very young children, and a mortgage in 1968, to running four small and successful businesses today, my wife Bobbi and I have used the services of MutualBank. Cash-flow has always been a challenge and whenever we have turned to Mutual for help, they have been there for us.

Within a year of opening our main business, Leaird’s Underwater Service, we had the chance to purchase a small building to house our store. The first place I went was MutualBank for advice and a mortgage.



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Additionally, bringing YScuba from Chicago to Muncie in 2008, purchasing PDIC International Training Agency in 2010, and purchasing Phillips Outdoor Center, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, a few years later all required considerable assistance from the financial side. Whether it was vehicle loans, business accounts, or mortgages, all were possible with the friendly advice from MutualBank staff.

Long story short, I have deep confidence that MutualBank and its Business Banking division will help businesses solve their challenges because they have been there for us literally every step of the way. Thanks to Mutual Bank – no, thank to the employees of MutualBank for all we are today.


Tom trusts us to provide business expertise at every step of the way. You can too.