In short, we’re celebrating stories.

Everything we do at MutualBank is to help people live a better life. It’s been our focus since we opened 125 years ago.  It makes sense then as we celebrate 125 years that we celebrate stories which revolve exactly around this theme- people helping people. Our entire celebration is about collecting, sharing, and appreciating these stories – as well as the communities and people behind them.



Types of Stories

MutualMemory Stories

Have we helped you do something like finance your home, save for your children’s education, or start your own business? Or do you have a positive memory involving service you received or really appreciate a MutualBank employee? Let us know by sharing your MutualMemory story! 



We also want to highlight and celebrate individuals in our communities who are helping people live better lives! This is your chance to nominate a friend, a family member, a coworker, or whomever you wish that has personally helped you or others live a better life. They don’t have to be a MutualBank customer. And better yet, individuals you nominate have the chance to win $125 dollars and potentially more money to give as a donation to their favorite charity! See the details below.

Every employee at MutualBank, MutualWealth, and MutualFinancial received $125 dollars to give to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit of their choice as part of our 125th Anniversary celebration! Each employee also shared their own GivingBack Story, i.e. details about why they chose to give to their organization of choice.


How Can You Participate?








What Do BetterLife Award Winners Receive?

ONE Grand Prize winner:
$12,500 to give to a nonprofit of his/her choice

FOUR Platinum winners:
$5,000 to give to a nonprofit of their choice

FOUR Gold winners:
$1,250 to give to a nonprofit of their choice

FOUR Silver winners:
$500 to give to a nonprofit of their choice

FOUR Bronze winners:
$250 to give to a nonprofit of their choice


Total Community Contribution: