Jill & Joshua Cooper

By Joshua Cooper

Growing up in healthy families, as my wife and I did, is truly a blessing. And it’s a blessing you want to experience for yourself when it comes time to start your own family.

But, as far too many people today know, years of battling infertility has the ability to dash your dreams. All of the sudden, that beautiful child that you always envisioned becomes just out of reach and the love you have in your hearts to share with a child seems bottled up, with no where to go.

This is when Jill and I felt like we were being summoned to a call of adoption. Building a family of our own was still the desired outcome. The route now would just be a little different.


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One major hurdle was the expense. When we found that local adoption will cost us anywhere between $27,000 and $35,000, our hearts sank a little bit. But it wasn’t enough to deter us.

The next step was going to MutualBank for a loan that would help us accomplish our dream. With their assistance, they made it easy to be able to meet all of the adoption costs head on, and continue to pursue our dream to be a family.


Whatever living a better life is for you, we want to help you get there.